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Welcome to Automotive Armor Manufacturing

Here at Auto Armor, We don't armor vehicles. We make the armor that makes the vehicles lighter. AAM has developed lightweight ballistic panels in a variety of composites, sizes and threat protection levels. These high performance lightweight panels offer maximum protection. Because our panels are so lightweight, they will extend the life of your armored vehicles, reduce maintenance costs and improve on overall vehicle performance. Our ballistic panels also provide you with better protection than any other panels or ballistic steel in the market.

Applications of composite armor:
  • Portable protective shields for policemen
  • Law enforcement vehicles
  • Infrastructure of buildings
Advantages of composite armor:
  • Able to withstand harsh environments
  • Light weight
composite armor  being cut Composite Armor being cut

Armor Shield

Armorshield is created from Aramid fiber.

Aramid is usually yellow in appearance, has high strength and low density. Aramid has excellent energy absorption properties. Aramid is also resistant to abrasion and thermal degradation. Our Aramid panels are produced from a 3000 denier Aramid fabric, laminated in a prescribed number of layers, using a thermo-formable adhesive film. Aramid panels are laminated in a matrix of fabric and pre-cured film. The panels can easily be cut to size and shape desired with a jig saw and knife blade attached.





Dyneema is a polyethylene produced by DSM's patented gel spinning process. Dyneema is 15 times stronger than steel on a weight-for-weight basis, twice as strong as aramid fiber.

Dyneema UD (Dyneema based unidirectional) sheets are for high-velocity ballistic protection. Dyneema is light enough to float on water, exhibits superior resistance to chemicals, water and UV light.