There is a reason our shields are some of the best in the industry, they are manufactured with superior materials and the end user in mind. All of our shields include lightweight composites cores - providing excellent ballistic protection with the ability to absorb multiple hits. Automotive Armor provides a 5 Year limited warranty on all shields.

Robo Shield
Protection when it matters, our Robo Shields are designed for SWAT. They provide lightweight protection, multi-hit view ports, and tactical side slots.

First Responder 2
First Responder shields are designed for easy deployment, benefiting and protecting our Emergency personnel on scene arrival.

Active Shooter
Active Shooter shields, provides high mobility with ballistic coverage.

Stand Off Shield
Stand Off Shields designed for ultimate protection to Emergencies Response Teams (ERT), our Stand Off Shield can be locked into optional aluminum carrier with high mobility casters.

Patrol Block Shield
Patrol block shields, provide ultra lightweight, easily deployable ballistic protection.