Custom Armor Solutions

Automotive Armor Manufacturing's (AAM) hard-armor panels are designed and manufactured utilizing advanced composite ballistic materials. This allows our team to work with our clients in developing an best-case armoring solution for a wide-range of applications.

Auto-Armor continually develops innovative ballistic panels in a variety of composites, sizes and threat protection levels. Our high performance lightweight panels offer maximum protection, at substantially lower weights than traditional armoring materials.

Lightweight ballistic armor, low flammability and no melting point. made from aramid also know under the trademark Kevlar. Ballistic defeating properties up NIJ level IIIA.

Lightweight flexible ballistic armor aramid matrix system infused with a rubber coating to provide improved chemical resistance. Ballistic defeating properties up NIJ level IIIA.

Polyethylene HT
High tenactity ultra lightweight polyethylene, high strength, low density opaque armor. Neutrally buoyant, resistant to chemicals, water and UV light. Ballistic defeating properties up NIJ level III.

Ballistic Steel
Alloy steel plate that is heat treated and used for its ballistic defeating properties in a wide variety of armoring applications. Ballistic defeating properties for all levels.

Hybrid systems
Produced up to NIJ level IV.

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